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Sprove Sprove

“SPROVE”, born Aaron JaVante LeSure on July 20th, 1994, is an American rapper, creative entrepreneur, inventor, and innovator. Sprove has stirred up a lot of excitement with the single “Pacific” on his debut EP “Treading Waters”. Since releasing his EP, he has dropped 3 new singles that have put him in the minds of his fans, that he will be in this industry for a long time to come.

Coming Up 01/07/2017 2PM | More
Iyanla Vanzant

During her trip to London, Iyanla made time to speak to Delia and you are not going to want to miss their conversation

Today 29/06/2017 9AM | More
Jaja soze Jaja soze

Hiphop artist and activist. With a large catalogue of music, his own music studio, poetry brand, and charity company he has been able to inspire a large section of the young population through business, activism and music.

Dated 28/06/2017 11AM | More
Sean Dampte Sean Dampte

The artiste formerly known as Dampte of a Nigerian heritage, is a veteran in the Afrobeat scene

Dated 27/06/2017 10PM | More
Adekunle Gold Adekunle Gold

Adekunle is a Nigerian born and bred highlife artist with a wholesome spirit, native roots and music that speaks to the world.

Dated 27/06/2017 10PM | More
Reverend Colin Francis Reverend Colin Francis

Reverend Francis has been involved in ministry to men for over 28 years, some of which was spent doing district and national men’s ministry in the Church of God of Prophecy.

Dated 25/06/2017 8AM | More
Tola Onigbango Tola Onigbango

Co-founder of Women4Africa a platform created to celebrate the best of African women.

Dated 24/06/2017 4PM | More
Aggie MacKenzie

Appearances can be very deceptive! Can you believe Aggie started her career as a real-life Miss Moneypenny in MI6?

Dated 22/06/2017 9AM | More
The Gele Gang The Gele Gang

The Gele Gang organise a range of events run especially by women for women, including the annual event African Ladies Day at Royal Ascot.

Dated 21/06/2017 9AM | More
Alesha Vidogah Alesha Vidogah

Makeup Artist and Founder of Elidys Couture

Dated 21/06/2017 10AM | More
Neferatiti Ife Neferatiti Ife

Neferatiti holds a Post graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling., Bachelors of Social Science degree in Social work and a Sociology Degree.

Dated 21/06/2017 11AM | More

Estelle Fanta Swaray, simply known as Estelle, is a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress from West London based in the US

Dated 18/06/2017 5PM | More
Jordan Williams Jordan Williams

CEO of King’s Worship, a place to discover the wondrous essentials of God-honoring worship, combining biblical foundations with practical application in a way that works in the real world.

Dated 15/06/2017 11AM | More
Dominic Santana

Star of Tupac biopic All Eyes On Me is Delia’s guest on The Dolor Factor

Dated 15/06/2017 9AM | More
Natalie Freeman Natalie Freeman

The Business Mix brings you our monthly Q & A session

Dated 14/06/2017 9AM | More
Clement Ogbonnaya Clement Ogbonnaya

Clement is Nigerian entrepreneur based in London. He's recently opened a pub called Prince of Peckham.

Dated 10/06/2017 4PM | More
Vincent Mercer Vincent Mercer

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Delia talks to Vincent Mercer from Father to Father Inc about the barriers preventing men from being better fathers

Dated 08/06/2017 9AM | More
Toye D Toye Toye D Toye

Toye is a multi-gifted and multi-faceted individual with a heart for GOD and a passion for seeing lives change.

Dated 08/06/2017 11AM | More
Ziggy Funk Ziggy Funk

Hailing from London multi-instrumentalist Ziggy has for many years been involved with music.

Dated 08/06/2017 10PM | More
Dr. David Anthony Williams Dr. David Anthony Williams

Founder of Princes trust established company, the Reaching All People (RAP) organisation, now in operation for over 14 years

Dated 07/06/2017 11AM | More
 Leee John
Leee John

Since first lighting up the charts during the 1980s and selling over 30 million records thanks to an impressive run of hits such as ‘Body Talk’, ‘Just An Illusion’, ‘Flashback’, ‘Music & Lights’ and ‘Changes’, the multi-award-winning British soul group’s lead vocalist/songwriter Leee John has enjoyed throughout the years a prolific career as a solo artist, collaborator, songwriter, producer and, more recently, a filmmaker.

Dated 04/06/2017 5PM | More
Moira Skinner
Moira Skinner

Managing Director of 3D Change.

Dated 02/06/2017 12PM | More
Richard Blackwood Richard Blackwood

There is much, much more to Richard Blackwood as he talks about the role of fathers, social media and on policing his niece’s Instagram

Dated 01/06/2017 9AM | More
Dave Armstrong Dave Armstrong

Dave came to faith when he was 16 years old and has continued to follow that path till today. The journey started when the Operation Mobilisation (OM), a mission organisation came to his town of Bolton and being challenged by the life of the young people who were sold out for Christ, he decided to join OM for just a year. He enjoyed mission life so much, that he stayed with OM for 25 years!

Dated 01/06/2017 11AM | More
Roger Harris and Viraj Otu Roger Harris and Viraj Otu

Bringing back the love to the UK, by way of Jamaica, a range of herbs and natural products from the source

Dated 31/05/2017 9AM | More
Christopher Syrus Christopher Syrus

Christopher Syrus is an author, spoken word artist, motivational speaker and the Director of Syrus Consultancy C.I.C, an initiative created to influence young people through personal development, mentoring and creative arts workshops.

Dated 31/05/2017 11AM | More
Melisa Whiskey Melisa Whiskey

London soul singer Melisa Whiskey influences range from the likes of Lauryn Hill to Sade to Amy Winehouse, but maintains an innate natural charisma and charm all her own.

Dated 28/05/2017 5PM | More
Kelechi Okafor Kelechi Okafor

Actress and Founder of Kelechnekoff Fitness Studio.

Dated 27/05/2017 4PM | More
K15/Emeson/Profusion K15/Emeson/Profusion

The sonic partnership of K15 and Emeson originated in the days of MySpace. A future of combining their skills was inevitable, and now in 2017, it's time to unleash their debut studio album into the ether.

Dated 25/05/2017 10PM | More
Linda McDandel Linda McDandel

Hear the poignant story behind Linda’s company Sweet Strength and listen to her tips for total wellness

Dated 25/05/2017 9AM | More
Bob Chambers Bob Chambers

Chief Executive of Feba Radio, a non-profit that enables partners and communities to use life-giving media for lasting transformation. For example, during a natural disaster, radio can be used to broadcast important, life-saving information. In communities that are overcome by poverty, media can provide a message of hope, encouragement and practical information to help improve their situation.

Dated 25/05/2017 11AM | More
Kwame Augustine AKA The Maverick Kwame Augustine AKA The Maverick

British Actor, Writer and Director, who's artistic work breaks the status quo

Dated 24/05/2017 8AM | More
Cheryl Jumbo Cheryl Jumbo

Cheryl Founder of Black Beauty Communications ltd, and recently announced the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards

Dated 24/05/2017 10AM | More
Michael Smith,  Brixton BID Director
Michael Smith, Brixton BID Director

Michael talks to Colourful Breakfast about Brixton Bid, Love Your Local Market and more

Dated 23/05/2017 8AM | More
Lynxxx Lynxxx

Chukie Edozien (born November 24, 1983), better known by his stage name Lynxxx, is a Nigerian hip-hop recording artist and entrepreneur.

Dated 23/05/2017 10PM | More
Darren Benjamin aka Daz-I-Kue Darren Benjamin aka Daz-I-Kue

Having played his part in defining West London’s Broken Beat scene, producing and engineering many seminal tracks in the genre, London born Daz relocated to Atlanta, absorbing the local music scene and working with some of the many talents available to him.

Dated 22/05/2017 7PM | More
Kyri R2 Kyri R2

Like his label, Kyri’s djing style draws on twenty-five years experience and reflects a wide spectrum of soulful music from funk, boogie, disco, jazz, hip-hop through to deep tech via afro, latin and house. 

Dated 22/05/2017 7PM | More
Deborah Ikiebe Deborah Ikiebe

Events Management and Founder of O.N.E Movement

Dated 19/05/2017 12PM | More
Pastor Jarrett Perdue Pastor Jarrett Perdue

Pastor Jarrett came to Christ at the tender age of 10 and has faithfully continued to follow the call to serve God through different capacities & offices in the church.

Dated 18/05/2017 11AM | More
Erika Preval Erika Preval

Modern Etiquette is about so much more than minding your Ps and Qs, according to its new guru, the elegant Erika Preval

Dated 18/05/2017 9AM | More
Kiko Navarro Kiko Navarro

You could define Kiko Navarro´s career in those two words. Navarro is a DJ and producer moved by his passion for sounds with groove and feeling, selecting the tunes perfect to lubricate a dance floor.

Dated 18/05/2017 10PM | More
Acacia Northe Acacia Northe

Lifestyle blogger - I am a creative person who loves everything to do with creative arts, beauty, fashions and hair.

Dated 17/05/2017 10AM | More
Paul McKenzie Paul McKenzie

Paul is a professional Public Speaker, life coach/ NLP Master Practitioner, Standup Comedian. Three interesting and rewarding talents that have allowed him to produce changes in the lives of hundreds of clients over the last 15 years.

Dated 17/05/2017 11AM | More
Third World (Cat) & Tarrus Riley Third World (Cat) & Tarrus Riley

Celebrating 43 years, THIRD WORLD is one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all time and Tarrus Riley not even ten chariots with horses can stop this Reggae voice.

Dated 14/05/2017 6PM | More
Dr William Pettigrew  Dr William Pettigrew

His 2013 monograph history of the Royal African Company, Freedom's Debt won the Jamestown Prize.

Dated 13/05/2017 4PM | More
LIVE on Colourful - Morgan Heritage LIVE on Colourful - Morgan Heritage

Grammy award-winning Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage, live on Colourful Drive with Julie Ann

Dated 11/05/2017 5PM | More
Joanne Blake Joanne Blake

Joanne has come up with the perfect solution by creating the ultra-chic Swimscarf – literally made for keeping long hair, dreads and afro extensions dry as a bone when swimming.

Dated 11/05/2017 9AM | More
Pastor Annmarie McQueen Pastor Annmarie McQueen

She walks with God. She is an anointed teacher and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She holds a Doctor of Theology degree in Christian Education and is the founder of McQueen Universal Ministries, the Making A Difference Conferences as well as the Making A Difference Institute.

Dated 11/05/2017 11AM | More
Myx Boadi-Alawiye Michael Kofi Quest Myx Boadi-Alawiye Michael Kofi Quest

This record producer, song writer and international businessman with creative flair is a prime example of the new wave of entrepreneurs

Dated 10/05/2017 9AM | More
Shinestone Shinestone

UK born singer songwriter of Congolese background

Dated 09/05/2017 11PM | More