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Donna Fraser

Donna talks about her determination to always do her best in athletics, and during a health crisis, and how she’s urging others to nominate people who deserve recognition.

Tomorrow 19/10/2017 9AM | More
Paula Perry
Paula Perry

Founder of You4Us a company dedicated to empowering families and creating a domino effect that breaks the negative cycle of generational poverty in areas such as Finance, Education, Parenting and Spiritual.

Today 18/10/2017 11AM | More
CDQ (Sodiq A. Yusuf) CDQ (Sodiq A. Yusuf)

Nigerian indigenous hip-hop rapper and songwriter best known for his singles "Indomie" and "Nowo E Soke".

Dated 17/10/2017 10PM | More
Beth​ ​Collier
Beth​ ​Collier

Beth​ ​is a ​nature​ ​based​ ​psychotherapist,​ Trustee​ ​of​​​ National Park City Foundation and​ ​founder​ ​of​ ​innovative​ ​Community​ ​Interest​ ​Company,​ ​​Wild in the City ,​ ​sets​ ​out​ ​to explore​ ​that​ ​question​ ​with​ ​‘Nature​ ​Connectors’​ ​-​ ​a​ ​flagship​ ​programme​ ​funded​ ​by  London​ ​Borough​ ​of​ ​Croydon,​ ​aimed​ ​at​ ​finding​ ​and​ ​overcoming​ ​barriers​ ​to​ ​accessing  nature,​ ​promoting​ ​equality​ ​and​ ​leadership.

Dated 17/10/2017 10AM | More
Live Lobby - Andreas Liberos Live Lobby - Andreas Liberos

Andreas is a young, multi-talented singer-songwriter & musician from Shepherds Bush, West London. Andreas's inspirations range from diverse world music, soul, funk, hiphop, blues, r&b as well as Greek music which marks his roots.

Dated 14/10/2017 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Modupé Live Lobby - Modupé

Modupé is a 24 year old vocalist with a powerful and distinctive voice. Influenced by the likes of Ed Sheeran and Amy Winehouse, she’s a talented songwriter and musician. She’s performed at many prestigious venues across London

Dated 14/10/2017 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Gracey Lloyd Live Lobby - Gracey Lloyd

From a very young age Gracey was fortunate enough to be born into a family where music was very much part of the fabric, with her father, a professional classical composer and pianist and her mother a professional dancer.

Dated 14/10/2017 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Andreas Liberos, Modupé and Gracey Lloyd Live Lobby - Andreas Liberos, Modupé and Gracey Lloyd

Hype HQ Reality Radio Presents Live Lobby a platform to allow artists to strip down their songs and showcase their raw talent.

Dated 14/10/2017 1PM | More
Lee Pringle and The Colour of Music Black Classical Musicians Festival Lee Pringle and The Colour of Music Black Classical Musicians Festival

The founder and Artistic Director of The Colour of Music Black Classical Musicians Festival chats to Delia Dolor

Dated 12/10/2017 9AM | More
Philip Poku Philip Poku

Award Winning Childcare Business Owner & Coach

Dated 11/10/2017 11AM | More
Kehinde Salami
Kehinde Salami

Founder of Sicklekan charity whose mission is to give people with sickle cell a voice within the local and wider community.

Dated 10/10/2017 10AM | More
Lola Jaye
Lola Jaye

Author of the book Orphan Sisters

Dated 09/10/2017 11AM | More
Live Lobby - Jay Snaggz, Taylor Talks and Loyalz Live Lobby - Jay Snaggz, Taylor Talks and Loyalz

Hype HQ Reality Radio Presents Live Lobby a platform to allow artists to strip down their songs and showcase their raw talent.

Dated 07/10/2017 1PM | More
King Kevin Dorival King Kevin Dorival

Kevin is a writer, mentor, inspirational speaker, historian, show host of The King Kevin Show, author of The Courage To Believe, and internet marketing consultant.

Dated 05/10/2017 11AM | More
Zac Fortag and Romario Brisset

The ink was barely dry on Zac's GCSEs when we met a little earlier this year with his marketing manager Romaria Brissett, also aged 16.

Dated 05/10/2017 9AM | More
Lippy Lippy

Formerly known as Righteous P; Lippy has been making waves in the afro-pop community since 2012.

Dated 04/10/2017 8AM | More
 Kofi Agyare Benjamin Kofi Agyare Benjamin

Musically known as K-Hi Bangit, his music life began while he was mainly a drummer with a traditional drumming and dancing troupe. He is very familiar with traditional instruments created in Ghana and some parts of Africa.

Dated 04/10/2017 8AM | More
Natalie Freeman Natalie Freeman

The Business Mix brings you our monthly Q & A session

Dated 04/10/2017 9AM | More
Linda Ashong Linda Ashong

Consulting Chartered Accountant & Music Writer

Dated 04/10/2017 11AM | More
Velma Rossa, Oliver Asike and Odette Steele Velma Rossa, Oliver Asike and Odette Steele

Kenyan sister & brother duo, a shared love of clothes and art yielded a wildly popular blog 2ManySiblings and Textile Designer and graduate of London College of Fashion

Dated 04/10/2017 10AM | More
Lauren Evans
Lauren Evans

Singer/songwriter, Lauren is a 20-year Music Industry Veteran who has written hit singles for some of the most successful Artists in the Mainstream and in Contemporary Christian Music.

Dated 03/10/2017 11AM | More
Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins

Dr Leon lectures on Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick.

Dated 02/10/2017 11AM | More
Russell Evans Russell Evans

BBC announcer also known as Nii Odartei Evans

Dated 02/10/2017 4PM | More
Gordon Chambers Gordon Chambers

Grammy-winning songwriter

Dated 29/09/2017 6PM | More
Sam Maha Sam Maha

Co-owner of Boateng Events

Dated 29/09/2017 12PM | More
Sam Maha and Raphael Sofoluke Sam Maha and Raphael Sofoluke

Co-owner of Boateng Events and Founder and CEO of The UK Black Business Show Ltd

Dated 29/09/2017 12PM | More
Jemma Regis Jemma Regis

Jemma is a successful entrepreneur, an award-winning author, a qualified chef with over 28 years’ experience, founder and Managing Director of Jemz Cake Box and the inspiration behind the GRG Annual Retreats.

Dated 28/09/2017 11AM | More
Ezra Kiggundu and Eric Kiggundu
Ezra Kiggundu and Eric Kiggundu

Co-founders and Directors of family run business Ms Hair

Dated 27/09/2017 10AM | More
Danna Walker
Danna Walker

Danna is an architect and Director of Built By Us, a social enterprise which connects diverse talent to construction businesses. Her career spans over 25 years in the construction and built environment sector and has encompassed a variety of roles from shop floor electrician, to Architect and strategic projects lead at the Construction Industry Council.

Dated 27/09/2017 9AM | More
Mariama Kamara Mariama Kamara

Founder & Director – Smiling Through Light, which provides clean, reliable & Sustainable energy in Sierra Leone.

Dated 27/09/2017 11AM | More
Cathy Tyson Cathy Tyson

English stage, film and television actress. She won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1986 film Mona Lisa.

Dated 26/09/2017 11AM | More
Samantha Clarke Samantha Clarke

Samantha’s mission is to help companies and individuals by giving advice on the small things they can do to make a big difference to their happiness. She deliver this work via a portfolio career as a consultant, coach, podcaster, speaker and online educator.

Dated 25/09/2017 11AM | More
Amir Abdullah aka Dj Amir Amir Abdullah aka Dj Amir

Hip Hop veteran and founder of 180-Proof Records

Dated 25/09/2017 7PM | More
Leanne Jackson Le Blanc survivor of Grenfell Tower Leanne Jackson Le Blanc survivor of Grenfell Tower

I am doing a fundraiser concert. Whilst many of us are so grateful for the huge amounts of love, support and assistance everyone else has shown over the past three months, I felt that it was time for me to give what I have and that is my creative expressions of love.

Dated 24/09/2017 9AM | More
The Simpkin Project The Simpkin Project

The Simpkin Project plays a multi-faceted blend of reggae, blues, rock, and Americana, steeped in soulful harmonies that varies greatly on its exterior layers, but only atop the organic rhythms of reggae music. Their sound has been described as “uncompromising…blending authentic roots reggae rhythms with a wall-of-sound production style.”

Dated 24/09/2017 5PM | More
Erzumah Ackerson Erzumah Ackerson

Welcome to BESTOW ELAN the Award winning women’s wear label – contemporary in style, inspired by cultural awareness.

Dated 23/09/2017 4PM | More
Tres Tres

Congolese born Tres:Or, was already showing signs of musical talent from as young as nine when he begun experimenting with sound and music from his family home in the Congo.

Dated 23/09/2017 2PM | More
Kerry Ribchester Kerry Ribchester

Director of Key2Cuba has spent the past twenty years working alongside Cuba's leading orchestras, directing award winning videos with Los Van Van, Alexander Abrue & Habana de Primera , Maykel Blanco, Carlos Manuel and Bamboleo. She recently co- wrote the song' Mira Me' with Maykel Blanco and is the first foreigner to win a Lukas award in Cuba.

Dated 20/09/2017 10PM | More
Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald

The Clarity Architect and Founder of the award-winning membership platform Brands of Colour

Dated 20/09/2017 9AM | More
 Katarina Bahula Katarina Bahula

Part time steel pan player, bilingual and a Co-founder of iProtege, digital and face to face ecosystem that's empowering women to find their full potential to create and lead successful entrepreneurial businesses.

Dated 20/09/2017 11AM | More
Brenda Dacres Brenda Dacres

I am active within the Lewisham community, and have previously been a local primary school governor, and PTA Secretary for a Lewisham secondary school.

Dated 19/09/2017 11AM | More
David Mensah David Mensah

Photographer and Writer

Dated 18/09/2017 11AM | More
Erran Warden Erran Warden

Nutritional Therapist, Professional Sports Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, CEO and Founder of GO Juice Detox

Dated 14/09/2017 11AM | More
Phil Richards Phil Richards

Partner at Chartered Accountants, Malcolm Horton

Dated 13/09/2017 9AM | More
Chris Lewis Chris Lewis

Award winning international blogger, speaker and leading cancer disruptor

Dated 13/09/2017 11AM | More
Aurora Dawn, Rikki Stein and Kiera Adegbite Aurora Dawn, Rikki Stein and Kiera Adegbite

The Prophecy - Fela Kuti Celebration

Dated 11/09/2017 11AM | More
Lawrence Gomez known as PAPA L Lawrence Gomez known as PAPA L

Founder of Papals Kitchen was born in Gambia and grew up surrounded by the exotic flavours and ingredients inherent in the cuisine of his home country.

Dated 09/09/2017 4PM | More
Bishop Dr. Patra W. Kidwell Bishop Dr. Patra W. Kidwell

The President of My Life Mentorship Program is a dynamic preacher, Prophetic Conference teacher, international speaker, business mogul, mentor and radio personality.

Dated 07/09/2017 11AM | More
Iyanla Vanzant

During her trip to London, Iyanla made time to speak to Delia and you are not going to want to miss their conversation

Dated 07/09/2017 9AM | More
Akil Benjamin Akil Benjamin

Chief Operating Officer for Grae Matta, a company dedicated to positively changing student mental health in higher education

Dated 06/09/2017 9AM | More