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Hugo Boss Hugo Boss

Although his music varies from Kizomba, Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, House and others, Hugo's priority mission is to share (worldwide) the love, connection and effect Kizomba music has on people's lives

Coming Up 25/04/2018 10PM | More
Paul Muhammed Paul Muhammed

Paul is the founder of the UK Buy-Black movement known as the Money Mob where a flashmob of a large group of people are brought together to patronise a business, on a specific day and time.

Dated 18/04/2018 9AM | More
Michelle John Michelle John

The diversity of her musical background , and the wide range of Artists she has worked with have given Michelle a great vision for her musical destiny .

Dated 18/04/2018 11AM | More
Akin Savage Akin Savage

Akin is a mentor, minister, visionary, life coach and business entrepreneur.

Dated 15/04/2018 11AM | More
Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson

Clinical joint manipulation therapist and Research Scientist

Dated 11/04/2018 11AM | More
Natalie Freeman Natalie Freeman

The Business Mix brings you our monthly Q & A session

Dated 11/04/2018 9AM | More
Jean and Robert White
Jean and Robert White

MamboCity was founded by Robert and Jean White in August 1999

Dated 11/04/2018 10PM | More
Dawn Grant Dawn Grant

Dawn is founder of Black Economics. The site has been going for 13 years, and receives millions of hits annually.

Dated 10/04/2018 11AM | More

DJ who hails from the UK and is passionate about music and believes that music can be used for good and can even change lives.

Dated 08/04/2018 7AM | More
Lisa Stansfield
Lisa Stansfield

Lisa's unmistakable voice has been a constant presence on the dance floor and airwaves ever since 1989.

Dated 08/04/2018 5PM | More
Live Lobby - Ariel Eden Live Lobby - Ariel Eden

Ainger-songwriter creative director and Stylist from California based in London.

Dated 07/04/2018 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Jay Scriptz Live Lobby - Jay Scriptz

UK Rapper Jay Scriptz otherwise known as “Mistar Scriptz” is a story teller in his own category.

Dated 07/04/2018 1PM | More
Mikyla Cara Mikyla Cara

UK based singer/songwriter

Dated 07/04/2018 1PM | More
Lola Odujinrin Lola Odujinrin

The first British African pilot in history to fly solo around the world says nothing is impossible if you have a vision and act with purpose

Dated 05/04/2018 9AM | More
 Vincent Graham
Vincent Graham

Tita World Cuisine is a family-owned and family-run catering and baking company.

Dated 04/04/2018 11AM | More
Jamal Edwards MBE
Jamal Edwards MBE

Founder of video channel SBTV and a pioneer of the UK grime scene.

Dated 04/04/2018 11AM | More
Starz and GapC
Starz and GapC

Starz and GapC are internationally award winning artists.

Dated 03/04/2018 11AM | More
Gele Gang at Ascot Gele Gang at Ascot

Our flagship event is African Ladies Day at Royal Ascot however the 'Gele Gang' run a range of events organised by women especially for women.

Dated 03/04/2018 9AM | More
UGCY 2018 Winners - Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir UGCY 2018 Winners - Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir

Two time champions Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir won again in 2018.

Dated 01/04/2018 7AM | More
Romain Virgo
Romain Virgo

A truly inspired talent, Romain satisfies his loyal reggae following with a constant flow of infectious hooks.

Dated 01/04/2018 5PM | More
Live Lobby - Linah London Live Lobby - Linah London

Linah London is an artist who turns her emotional turmoil into catchy R&B pop tunes with a hidden meaning to unleash hope and happiness into people's hearts. Those closest to her call her an alchemist of the broken heart; the ability to turn pain into gold.

Dated 31/03/2018 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Tricey R Live Lobby - Tricey R

Tricey R is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter, producer and performer from London U.K. Having started off dancing from a youthful age she later branched into music at age 11.

Dated 31/03/2018 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Joshua Gukas Live Lobby - Joshua Gukas

Joshua's music is inspired by soul and R&B infused with an Indie aesthetic.

Dated 31/03/2018 12AM | More
Peter K Malinz Peter K Malinz

Founder and CEO of Digest Africa

Dated 29/03/2018 11AM | More
Sade Agboola Sade Agboola

Founder of Annisa Cars

Dated 28/03/2018 11AM | More
Andy Wood Andy Wood

Director of La Linea The London Latin Music Festival

Dated 28/03/2018 10PM | More
Phil Richards Phil Richards

Partner at Chartered Accountants, Malcolm Horton

Dated 28/03/2018 9AM | More
Gina Miller Gina Miller

Gina Miller co-founded SCM Private in 2009 as a disruptive modern investment manager offering low access to high end wealth management.

Dated 27/03/2018 11AM | More
Derek Taylor Derek Taylor

Derek decided to follow his life’s passion and dream and open his first cake and coffee shop in the heart of Crystal Palace.

Dated 26/03/2018 11AM | More
John Fisher
John Fisher

John formed IDMC (Individuals Dedicated to the Ministry of Christ) that has entertained and inspired audiences internationally and across the UK for 23 years.

Dated 25/03/2018 7AM | More
Shezekiel Shezekiel

Formerly of the successful vocal trio Brown Sugar, Pauline Catlin now known as Shezekiel.

Dated 25/03/2018 5PM | More
Sanya J Sanya J

èsjé is a lifestyle brand created by Sierra Leonean born UK-based blogger, Sanya J. The shop specialises in handcrafted fashion, jewellery and accessories.

Dated 24/03/2018 4PM | More
Jussie Smollett Jussie Smollett

Jussie attracted international attention and received rave reviews for his portrayal of musician Jamal Lyon in the Fox drama series Empire.

Dated 23/03/2018 5PM | More
Julie Mansfield Julie Mansfield

When she was just eight years old Julie Mansfield’s uncle robbed her of her innocence. Now, 49 years old, Julie is a mother who favours the word ‘survivor’ over 'victim'.

Dated 22/03/2018 9AM | More
Ben Anim-Antwi and Francis Addai Ben Anim-Antwi and Francis Addai

Future of Ghana research report looks at second-gen British Ghanaians, their engagement with Ghana and remittances.

Dated 22/03/2018 10AM | More
Stella Opoku-Owusu Stella Opoku-Owusu

Deputy Director, AFFORD, African Foundation For Development is an organisation in Britain, bringing together Africans from different countries and backgrounds to involve Africans abroad more directly in Africa's development.

Dated 22/03/2018 11AM | More
Cynthia Onwordi Cynthia Onwordi

Web Developer and Designer

Dated 21/03/2018 9AM | More
Annmarie Lewis Annmarie Lewis

Founding director of Rainmakers Worldwide.

Dated 21/03/2018 11AM | More
Muyiwa Muyiwa

Broadcaster and singer songwriter with his group Riversongz

Dated 20/03/2018 11AM | More
Paul Fauntleroy Paul Fauntleroy

Independent Filmmaker and Owner of Black Fist Film

Dated 19/03/2018 11AM | More
Lo-Key Lo-Key

RnB band Lo-Key got their start at the 1989 Black Minnesota Music Awards Seminar where Flyte Tyme Records Jimmy Jam Harris was a panelist on the producer’s forum

Dated 18/03/2018 3PM | More
Coach Carla and Caz Mac Coach Carla and Caz Mac

Caz is the Founder of No Ordinary Women Chat show, a Platform to Inspire Females with a Purpose and Carla is a experienced life coach and vision board expert.

Dated 16/03/2018 12PM | More
Peter Kimani Peter Kimani

Award-winning Kenyan novelist and Author of Dance of the Jakaranda

Dated 15/03/2018 10AM | More
James Mwansa James Mwansa

Founder and CEO of Kahneeki Low GI Smoothies

Dated 15/03/2018 11AM | More
Patti Boulaye OBE Patti Boulaye OBE

Patti shares stories about her life with moving honesty and with pride as she continues to help others through her creativity, businesses and foundation.

Dated 15/03/2018 9AM | More
Ella Mesma Ella Mesma

Independent Performer Ella is the founder and creator of Afro-Latin and Hip-Hop dance theatre Ella Mesma Company and Urban Latin Arts Company Element Arts

Dated 14/03/2018 10PM | More
Nicki Dawes Nicki Dawes

Nicki is the charismatic creator of

Dated 14/03/2018 11AM | More
Lynette Linton Lynette Linton

Lynette is a director and playwright. She is the current Resident Assistant Director at the Donmar Warehouse and previously the Associate Director of the Gate Theatre.

Dated 13/03/2018 11AM | More
Marlon Palmer Marlon Palmer

Marlon Kush Film Boutique and UK’s leading Marketing, PR, Film Exhibition and Distribution specialist of urban films.

Dated 12/03/2018 11AM | More
University of Birmingham Gospel Choir University of Birmingham Gospel Choir

A young society that recently became established Choir in 2016. Growing from just a small fellowship group of 8 to a fully-fledged choir of over 45 members..

Dated 11/03/2018 7AM | More