Chef Patrick Williams Chef Patrick Williams

Soul Food is cuisine that is steeped in heritage and tradition, with each locale having its own story and own flavours

Dated 13/06/2018 9AM | More
Jo Caesar Jo Caesar

A singer/songwriter from East London who has worked and performed with a variety of musicians and artists that include Luciano, Bounty Killer, Mafia and Fluxy, Gappy Ranks, King Sounds and Caron Wheeler.

Dated 10/06/2018 5PM | More
The Codfather - Adam Randall
The Codfather - Adam Randall

Delia talks to Adam Randall, co-owner of The Codfather - Proper Fish and Chips in Charleston

Dated 07/06/2018 9AM | More
Ania Chagowska
Ania Chagowska

As well as being the founder and organiser of El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival, Ania Chagowska is also a performer, dance instructor, team leader and dance school owner.

Dated 06/06/2018 10PM | More
Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson

Clinical joint manipulation therapist and Research Scientist

Dated 06/06/2018 11AM | More

Shinehead began his music career by performing for different New York reggae dancehall sound systems in the 1980s, most notably Tony Screw's Downbeat The Ruler, based in The Bronx.

Dated 03/06/2018 12AM | More
Yaw Peprah Yaw Peprah

Yaw works in Cape town as a chief business officer for an investment promotion agency called Wesgro, which promotes the City of Cape Town and the five regions of the Western Cape

Dated 02/06/2018 4PM | More
Ernestia Fraser Ernestia Fraser

Fraser's book Carnival of Love - A Tale of a Bahamian Family is a memoir that explores the meaning of love and family in a fractured household

Dated 31/05/2018 9AM | More
Raymond Edusei and Scott Ohene-Nyako Raymond Edusei and Scott Ohene-Nyako

From Adinqra Digital a branding and design agency for ambitious start-ups and Africa-focused businesses.

Dated 30/05/2018 9AM | More
Osbanis Tejeda and Anneta Kepka
Osbanis Tejeda and Anneta Kepka

Founders of Deakocan Dance Company

Dated 30/05/2018 10PM | More
Janet Rawson and Andrew Baguley
Janet Rawson and Andrew Baguley

Janet is a writer, playwright and actor. Andrew is a writer, voice artist and actor.

Dated 29/05/2018 11AM | More
Trevor Howard Trevor Howard

International Co-ordinator of Churches in Communities International and a Trustee/Director of the Free Churches Group.

Dated 29/05/2018 11AM | More
Jeanette Young Jeanette Young

Jeanette is a Fashion Designer, Stylist and Speaker, is a graduate of the London College of Fashion.

Dated 29/05/2018 11AM | More
Joe Lowther
Joe Lowther

Joe is the CEO of a thrilling organisation - Kick London, whose mission is to transform young peoples lives, with God’s love through sport and support.

Dated 27/05/2018 7AM | More
Leee John
Leee John

Presenting the Police and Thieves music video, the brain child of Leee John, lead vocalist and writer of the group Imagination, inspired by his observations of the challenges facing young people today.

Dated 27/05/2018 5PM | More
Kristy McKenzie Kristy McKenzie

Engagement Manager at The Bakery

Dated 24/05/2018 11AM | More
Tony Tiyou
Tony Tiyou

Founder, Director and Editor – Renewables In Africa

Dated 24/05/2018 11AM | More
Shisha Dublin Green Shisha Dublin Green

Shisha is a Business Success Coach and the founder of AydaOntheGo Business Coaching.

Dated 23/05/2018 9AM | More
Zoe Adjonyoh Zoe Adjonyoh

Founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

Dated 23/05/2018 8AM | More
Lyndon Wissart Lyndon Wissart

Author of the book The Inspired Diabetic about Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Fitness Exercise and Diabetes

Dated 23/05/2018 11AM | More
Pablo Malik Pablo Malik

PabloARTmalik has an art portfolio spanning 5 years, with his earliest work titled I Fight for my soul

Dated 22/05/2018 8AM | More
Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp CBE Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp CBE

Newly appointed director of The Africa Centre

Dated 21/05/2018 11AM | More
Simon Parry Simon Parry

Simon has written and been part of kids worship with Vineyard Music, New Wine, Spring Harvest and many more, Simon is a kids worship leader and songwriter.

Dated 20/05/2018 7AM | More
The Reggae Choir The Reggae Choir

Reggae Choir is an exciting amateur non-audition, non-religious, contemporary ensemble, open to all who enjoy singing Reggae music, regardless of skill or experience.

Dated 19/05/2018 1PM | More
Jessica Laditan Jessica Laditan

Jessica is the founder and CEO of Pop Up Africa.

Dated 19/05/2018 4PM | More
Mark Higham and Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp CBE Mark Higham and Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp CBE

Outgoing director and newly appointed director of The Africa Centre

Dated 18/05/2018 9AM | More
Hilary McCrea Hilary McCrea

Creator of FashionBytes which assists new and emerging fashion designers flourish

Dated 17/05/2018 9AM | More
Ayoola John Ayoola John

Founder, WakandaNameGenerator and Academyby

Dated 17/05/2018 11AM | More
Kifle Bantayeu Kifle Bantayeu

In September 2016 Kifle launched Afrinection in response to what he saw as a critical void in the African community (diaspora as well as on-continent.)

Dated 17/05/2018 11AM | More
Lade Olugbemi Lade Olugbemi

Lade is a lawyer and a manager working at one of the Local Authorities in London. She is passionate about mental wellbeing and an advocate for mental health cause.

Dated 16/05/2018 11AM | More
Natalie Freeman Natalie Freeman

The Business Mix brings you our monthly Q & A session

Dated 16/05/2018 9AM | More
Actor Gisselle Gant  and Director Nathalie Adlam Actor Gisselle Gant and Director Nathalie Adlam

Hot on the heels of its success at Vault 2018, a ward winning company Les Foules presents The Year of the Rooster Monk at the Pleasance Downstairs.

Dated 15/05/2018 11AM | More
Kadeem Pearse Kadeem Pearse

Kadeem a London-based actor, known for roles across TV, stage and film, including for No Shade.

Dated 14/05/2018 11AM | More
Alan Charles Alan Charles

Alan is a gifted and talented individual who wears the hats of playwright, poet, MOBO award nominee gospel artiste and event’s organizer.

Dated 13/05/2018 5PM | More
Carol Babalola Carol Babalola

Carol is a minister of the gospel in the marketplace and a woman after God's heart whose passion is to help fellow human beings.

Dated 13/05/2018 7AM | More
Jajii Official Jajii Official

David Obima (Jajii), is a Kenyan born Afro-fusion artist

Dated 12/05/2018 1PM | More
Arnie Krogh Arnie Krogh

Relationship and Communication Coach and Holistic Therapist

Dated 10/05/2018 8AM | More
Ebony Gayle Ebony Gayle

Ebony is a Committee Member for Women in PR UK and a volunteer for the CIPR, and co-founder of the CIPR Independents Network -a network for freelance and independent PR and communication professionals.

Dated 09/05/2018 11AM | More
Jennifer Aikins-Appiah Jennifer Aikins-Appiah

A lawyer by training, Jennifer is a Data Privacy and Compliance professional with 15 years experience in private and regulated industry and commerce.

Dated 09/05/2018 9AM | More
Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson
Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson

Joycelyn and Rachael Founders of Afrocenchix have launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable the brand to add two new products to their vegan certified range.

Dated 08/05/2018 11AM | More
Dr Neville Lawrence and Dr Angela Herbert Dr Neville Lawrence and Dr Angela Herbert

Dr Lawrence and Dr Herbert are working on a project to prevent young people becoming involved in violent crime.

Dated 06/05/2018 9AM | More
Nadu Placca Nadu Placca

Nadu uses her experiences as a mother, entrepreneur and businesswoman to motivate others. Through motivational talks, seminars and group discussions with the aim to inspire generations to achieve their goals through determination. 

Dated 05/05/2018 4PM | More
Rolande Sumner Rolande Sumner

Mogul’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and a US Army Veteran

Dated 03/05/2018 9AM | More
Tayo Idowu Tayo Idowu

Editor, Ebonylife Magazine and

Dated 02/05/2018 9AM | More
Shana Lewis Shana Lewis

High End Professional Cake Baker, Artist and Craft Maker.

Dated 02/05/2018 11AM | More
Paul Reid Paul Reid

Director of Black Cultural Archive

Dated 01/05/2018 10AM | More
Coach Nnamdi Chukwu Coach Nnamdi Chukwu

Business Analyst and Coach. Founder of the Environmental NGO OdikaOdi based in Umuahia, Abia State Nigeria and the Mentoring Mastermind Network, mm212mm – Mobilising Mentoring Mastermind whose motto is : You have 212 make a difference.

Dated 26/04/2018 11AM | More
Delroy Alexander Delroy Alexander

Ex-soccer coach to former President Barrack Obama's daughter, Malia

Dated 26/04/2018 9AM | More
Paschorina Mortty Paschorina Mortty

Accomplished communications professional with extensive experience of creating and executing PR campaigns for clients across a range of sectors

Dated 26/04/2018 11AM | More
Hugo Boss Hugo Boss

Although his music varies from Kizomba, Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, House and others, Hugo's priority mission is to share (worldwide) the love, connection and effect Kizomba music has on people's lives

Dated 25/04/2018 10PM | More