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Amir Abdullah aka Dj Amir Amir Abdullah aka Dj Amir

Hip Hop veteran and founder of 180-Proof Records

Coming Up 25/09/2017 7PM | More
The Simpkin Project The Simpkin Project

The Simpkin Project plays a multi-faceted blend of reggae, blues, rock, and Americana, steeped in soulful harmonies that varies greatly on its exterior layers, but only atop the organic rhythms of reggae music. Their sound has been described as “uncompromising…blending authentic roots reggae rhythms with a wall-of-sound production style.”

Coming Up 24/09/2017 5PM | More
Erzumah Ackerson Erzumah Ackerson

Welcome to BESTOW ELAN the Award winning women’s wear label – contemporary in style, inspired by cultural awareness.

Coming Up 23/09/2017 4PM | More
Tres Tres

Congolese born Tres:Or, was already showing signs of musical talent from as young as nine when he begun experimenting with sound and music from his family home in the Congo.

Coming Up 23/09/2017 2PM | More
 Katarina Bahula Katarina Bahula

Part time steel pan player, bilingual and a Co-founder of iProtege, digital and face to face ecosystem that's empowering women to find their full potential to create and lead successful entrepreneurial businesses.

Dated 20/09/2017 11AM | More
Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald

The Clarity Architect and Founder of the award-winning membership platform Brands of Colour

Dated 20/09/2017 9AM | More
Brenda Dacres Brenda Dacres

I am active within the Lewisham community, and have previously been a local primary school governor, and PTA Secretary for a Lewisham secondary school.

Dated 19/09/2017 11AM | More
David Mensah David Mensah

Photographer and Writer

Dated 18/09/2017 11AM | More
Erran Warden Erran Warden

Nutritional Therapist, Professional Sports Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, CEO and Founder of GO Juice Detox

Dated 14/09/2017 11AM | More
Phil Richards Phil Richards

Partner at Chartered Accountants, Malcolm Horton

Dated 13/09/2017 9AM | More
Aurora Dawn, Rikki Stein and Kiera Adegbite Aurora Dawn, Rikki Stein and Kiera Adegbite

The Prophecy - Fela Kuti Celebration

Dated 11/09/2017 11AM | More
Lawrence Gomez known as PAPA L Lawrence Gomez known as PAPA L

Founder of Papals Kitchen was born in Gambia and grew up surrounded by the exotic flavours and ingredients inherent in the cuisine of his home country.

Dated 09/09/2017 4PM | More
Bishop Dr. Patra W. Kidwell Bishop Dr. Patra W. Kidwell

The President of My Life Mentorship Program is a dynamic preacher, Prophetic Conference teacher, international speaker, business mogul, mentor and radio personality.

Dated 07/09/2017 11AM | More
Iyanla Vanzant

During her trip to London, Iyanla made time to speak to Delia and you are not going to want to miss their conversation

Dated 07/09/2017 9AM | More
Akil Benjamin Akil Benjamin

Chief Operating Officer for Grae Matta, a company dedicated to positively changing student mental health in higher education

Dated 06/09/2017 9AM | More
Josh Adusei Josh Adusei

From Earlysportsuk a sports company focusing on development kids from the ages of 5-11.

Dated 06/09/2017 9AM | More
Richie Spice Richie Spice

Richell Bonner, better known as Richie Spice is a Jamaican reggae artist.

Dated 03/09/2017 5PM | More
Sarah Téibo & Dire Pitan Sarah Téibo & Dire Pitan

Soulful Simplicity

Dated 01/09/2017 12PM | More
Sarah Téibo Sarah Téibo

MOBO Nominee Best Gospel 2016, Songstress Sarah Téibo is gradually becoming highly sought after for live performances in the UK and Internationally following the release of her debut album ‘Walk With Me’ on all digital music platforms

Dated 01/09/2017 12PM | More
Renée Davis Renée Davis

Renée is a full-time journalist and founder of Out The Box

Dated 31/08/2017 11AM | More
Roberto Pla Roberto Pla

Best known as the God-Father of latin music in the UK

Dated 30/08/2017 10PM | More
Loy Phillips Loy Phillips

Loy is an emerging filmmaker with several of her films making it on the screening lists of film festivals.

Dated 30/08/2017 11AM | More
Lope Ariyo Lope Ariyo

Lope Ariyo is currently one of the UK’s leading voices in West African cuisine

Dated 26/08/2017 4PM | More
Matt Bird Matt Bird

Matt Bird is an international speaker, author and broadcaster who is passionate about building life-transforming relationships.

Dated 24/08/2017 11AM | More
Lashawn Selwood Lashawn Selwood

Otherwise known as Scrouge, Lashawn Selwood has opened for Machel Montano, Swappi, Supa Blue, Patrice Roberts, Iwer George and Alison Hinds to name a few

Dated 24/08/2017 9AM | More
Moelogo Moelogo

Not only does Moelogo have a distinctive vocal ability that sets him apart from many acts coming out from both Nigeria and the UK, he’s also got a clear technical understanding of several genres as a whole—which is evident in the jazz, R&B, hip-hop and afrobeats-infused sound he’s molded for himself.

Dated 22/08/2017 11PM | More
Anu Omideyi Anu Omideyi

Anu is an ex-Criminal Barrister who gave it all up to focus on her music/singing career. Founder of The Reapers Choir, as well as many other musical mediums, she is a singer/song writer who has been invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, 10 Downing Street and Kensington Palace, to name but a few.

Dated 20/08/2017 12PM | More
Dwain Reid Dwain Reid

I am a start-up business coach that works with ambitious people one-to-one and also delivers entertaining and educational events/workshops.

Dated 16/08/2017 9AM | More
Sheun David-Onamusi Sheun David-Onamusi

In 2009 Sheun Opened Nigeria (Abuja) first franchise store for UK retailer TM Lewin and in the first year it became one of the most profitable stores within the T.M. Lewin Franchise portfolio.

Dated 16/08/2017 11AM | More
Albert Tucker Albert Tucker

Albert is Chairman of the Karma Cola Foundation, supporting communities in Sierra Leone and a Director of Karma Cola UK the ethical drinks company.

Dated 15/08/2017 8AM | More

Damilola Afolabi [known professionally as L.A.X is a Nigerian recording artist. L.A.X started out as a rapper and was part of a three-man group called Flyboiz while he was still in high school

Dated 15/08/2017 11PM | More
El'vee El'vee

El'Vee is a duo, which consists of twin sisters Lilian and Vivian Nwaneho. They were born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up in Reading, UK. Their love for music has drawn them back to Nigeria, and as independent artists, they have been opportune to work with renowned musicians like Don Jazzy, Sarz, Tiwezi just to name a few.

Dated 15/08/2017 10PM | More
Hil St Soul‏ Hil St Soul‏

A singer of many styles, Mwelwa is comfortable performing classic soul, smooth jazz, uptempo funk, and gospel. Her versatility earned her the honor of Best Newcomer by the U.K.'s Blues & Soul magazine.

Dated 13/08/2017 5PM | More
Royal Sounds Royal Sounds

‘Royal Sounds’ are a roots reggae band hailing from London, UK - formed in September 2012. They can be seen as a band of the future. The line-up includes: one of the brothers (Ajani) on bass, the other brother (Gyasi) on guitar, vocals delivered from (Ajani and Gyasi’s cousin) Hannibal and also Ras Sempah.

Dated 12/08/2017 2PM | More
George Verwer George Verwer

What can you achieve with 60 years? It all started when an American housewife gave George Verwer the Gospel of John when he was a student in the 50s! She had prayed and asked God to touch the lives of young people. George later gave his life to the Lord at a Billy Graham meeting.

Dated 10/08/2017 11AM | More
Herman Stewart Herman Stewart

Founder and CEO of Every Child Needs a Mentor. Herman was a mentor for 20 years before he launched Every Child Needs a Mentor in May 2013.

Dated 09/08/2017 11AM | More
Mi Casa Mi Casa

Consisting of 3 members J’Something, Dr Duda & MO-T are one of South Africa’s leading Musical Trios.

Dated 08/08/2017 11PM | More
Yung L, Mr Marley Yung L, Mr Marley

Yung L, Mr Marley (pronounced Young el) is a dynamic artist with proficiency in singing, song writing, “mouth” flute and drumming.

Dated 08/08/2017 10PM | More
Shaila Prospere Shaila Prospere

UK Singer, Songwriter

Dated 06/08/2017 3PM | More
Charlotte and Cara-Jane Charlotte and Cara-Jane

C.elle are a UK duo with a contemporary sound, singers made up of sisters Cara-Jane and Charlotte. Gospel music was their first musical love . this shaped their voices giving them their powerful unique harmonic blend.

Dated 06/08/2017 12PM | More
Samson Soboye with AFWL and Proudly Made in Africa Samson Soboye with AFWL and Proudly Made in Africa

Graduating from Central St. Martin’s School of Art in the mid-nineties Samson Soboye graduated with a degree in Fashion, Communication & Promotion, then rapidly embarked on a fashion styling career working internationally on fashion shows, magazine editorials and advertising campaigns.

Dated 05/08/2017 4PM | More
Narko Narko

Narko is an artist born and raised in the UK. Specifically hailing from south-east London, Narko has dreams of heavily influencing the UK music scene with abilities to match the ambition.

Dated 05/08/2017 2PM | More
Desiree Joule-Adam Desiree Joule-Adam

Co-founded of iProtégé, a digital eco-system of women that co-exists with face-to-face meetups that allow them to discover and discuss any ideas they may have for business and personal development

Dated 03/08/2017 11AM | More
Deborah Cox Deborah Cox

Grammy® Award-nominated and multi-platinum R&B recording artist and film/TV actress

Dated 03/08/2017 6PM | More
Aggie MacKenzie

Appearances can be very deceptive! Can you believe Aggie started her career as a real-life Miss Moneypenny in MI6?

Dated 03/08/2017 9AM | More
Victoria Walker Victoria Walker

Want to learn more about BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other such digital currency? Victoria educates us all.

Dated 02/08/2017 9AM | More
O'Neil Dennis O'Neil Dennis

Chief Editor for aStepFWD and Founder of the UK Christian Chart

Dated 02/08/2017 11AM | More
Shay La Rose Shay La Rose

Inspired by her eventful lifestyle and also by faith and love, the singer/songwriter hopes to inspire and capture the world her new sounds and infectious dance moves.

Dated 01/08/2017 10PM | More
Richard Akita Richard Akita

Richard discusses how men can be good fathers, but for that, he needs support from the mother of his children, family, friends, and the community

Dated 27/07/2017 9AM | More
Volney Morgan Volney Morgan

Volney is an accomplished minister, preacher, choir director, singer and song writer, his group ‘Volney & New-Ye’ which he started at the age of 16, has gone on to win awards and contests as well as releasing singles and EPs!

Dated 27/07/2017 11AM | More