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Stephanie Urdang Stephanie Urdang

Stephanie J. Urdang was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She is the author of two books on Africa, including And Still They Dance: Women, War, and the Struggle for Change in Mozambique.

Dated 22/01/2018 11AM | More
Rev Bazil Meade MBE
Rev Bazil Meade MBE

Born in Montserrat, Bazil Meade is the charismatic and multi-talented vocalist, pianist and leader of Europe’s premier vocal ensemble, the London Community Gospel Choir.

Dated 21/01/2018 7AM | More
Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka

Founder and Managing Director, MeFiriGhana and Future Of Ghana

Dated 18/01/2018 11AM | More
Professor Aneez Esmail Professor Aneez Esmail

To celebrate Nobel Laureate Festival, Professor Esmail shares his respect for Sir Arthur Lewis Britain’s first black professor who's work lead to the Nobel Prize in 1979 at Manchester University where he also founded the school of Economics.

Dated 18/01/2018 9AM | More
Carine Kazadi
Carine Kazadi

Events and Marketing Manager at The Africa Centre

Dated 17/01/2018 9AM | More
Winston Phillips Winston Phillips

Epidote Business Centre

Dated 17/01/2018 9AM | More
Paige Fashoni
Paige Fashoni

Founder of FLUX period-proof underwear.

Dated 16/01/2018 10AM | More
Dr Pearl Kupe Dr Pearl Kupe

Attorney, Social Dialogue Expert, International Business Coach & Business Reengineering expert , Labour Law Specialist & Author

Dated 16/01/2018 11AM | More
Irene Moore
Irene Moore

Irene Moore is an entrepreneur and online business coach.

Dated 15/01/2018 11AM | More
Lono Brazil
Lono Brazil

Lono is better known in the music industry in Hip-Hop & R&B circles as an Executive Producer/Artist Manager/Consultant launching the careers or working with artist such as The Beastie Boys, Foxy Brown, Faith Evans to name a few.

Dated 15/01/2018 7PM | More
Jonathan Offei-Ansah
Jonathan Offei-Ansah

Founder and Publisher, Africa Briefing Magazine

Dated 11/01/2018 11AM | More
Ken Obi and Emmanuel Dee Ken Obi and Emmanuel Dee

CityConnex - a new organisation with the aim of empowering and providing a platform where professionals can meet to engage, network and create a valued influence in the market place.

Dated 10/01/2018 9AM | More
Rebecca Manson Jones Rebecca Manson Jones

Rebecca is founder artistic director of Just Jones. In 2013 she was the first UK recipient of the Ibsen Scholarship from Norway Ministry of Arts for her innovative staging and adaptation of An Enemy of the People which toured nationally in the UK In 2016 she was awarded an artist commission by the Gulbenkian Foundation as part of their 3 year Inquiry into the Civic Role of Arts.

Dated 09/01/2018 11AM | More
Metric Man Metric Man

Brian Cummings, better known by his stage alias Metric Man, is a reggae and hip-hop musician based in New York and the D.C. area. Originally from Trinidad, Metric Man’s lifelong obsession with music started at the age of 6 in a local calypso competition.

Dated 08/01/2018 10PM | More
Do The Work
Do The Work

This week’s theme relates to one of the most important messages Iyanla Vanzant delivered on The Dolor Factor last year. “Do The Work!”

Dated 04/01/2018 9AM | More
Mr Beezy Mr Beezy

Mr Beezy is a motivational speaker, with a desire to create a strong sense of belief with each person he encounters.

Dated 03/01/2018 11AM | More
Dwain Reid
Dwain Reid

The Business Mix bring you the monthly series Business Resus with business coach, start up specialist and motivational speaker Dwain Reid.

Dated 03/01/2018 9AM | More
The Kondoors  Jess Greenfield and Gavin Conder The Kondoors Jess Greenfield and Gavin Conder

The Kondoors are british singer/songwriter duo with a rock/soul edge.

Dated 02/01/2018 11AM | More
Mick Élysée Mick Élysée

Mick is a passionate Congolese-French and African food chef. His love for the culinary art started when he was just a little boy.

Dated 30/12/2017 4PM | More
 Soul Survivor with Soul II Soul's DJ Jazzi Q Soul Survivor with Soul II Soul's DJ Jazzi Q

A night of keep on movin' alongside DJ Kenny B Leeds most wanted & Brownsuga Residents

Dated 30/12/2017 10PM | More
Isatu Harrison Isatu Harrison

Designer, Entrepreneur, AfriCapitalist and Founder of Izelia Fashion

Dated 28/12/2017 11AM | More
This week Chrissy and Rachael take a look back at 2017 This week Chrissy and Rachael take a look back at 2017

The Business Mix show for this year with topic highlights and awards for some very special guests.

Dated 27/12/2017 9AM | More
Lil Shan Shan
Lil Shan Shan

Lil Shan Shan is a gymnast, actress, a motivational speaker and have been doing this since she was six years old

Dated 27/12/2017 11AM | More
Inspiring Vanessa
Inspiring Vanessa

Vanessa is not your average 11-year-old girl. She is an international multi-award winning Motivational Speaker, Kid-preneur, YouTuber, Artist and Author

Dated 27/12/2017 10AM | More
Michael Dayo Omisore Michael Dayo Omisore

Michael is an associate pastor and the Publications Director at KingsWord Ministries International, a Christian organisation with churches in Africa, Europe and North America.

Dated 24/12/2017 7AM | More
Nashada Saka Nashada Saka

Cupcake Entrepreneur and Founder Pekish Petalz

Dated 20/12/2017 10AM | More
Amazing Angel Amazing Angel

Amazing Angel is a 9yrs old Motivational Speaker and her Dream is to Inspire Kids to Dream Big.

Dated 20/12/2017 10AM | More
Lashai Ben Salmi Lashai Ben Salmi

Lashai is a 17 year old multi award winning child advocate, Winner of TruLittle Heros Award - Entreprenur 2017

Dated 20/12/2017 11AM | More
Naomi Moore from Glam London & Jemma Fairclough-haynes from Orchard Employment Law Naomi Moore from Glam London & Jemma Fairclough-haynes from Orchard Employment Law

Employment Law Specialist and Founder of Orchard Employment Law

Dated 20/12/2017 9AM | More
Reginald Edmund and Simeila Hodge-Dallaway Reginald Edmund and Simeila Hodge-Dallaway

Reginald is a resident playwright of Chicago Dramatists and Simeila is the Founder and Executive Manager of the Artistic Directors of the Future, a training initiative designed to increase the number of Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic Artistic Directors in mainstream theatres. This initiative is supported by the Young Vic Theatre and Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme.

Dated 19/12/2017 11AM | More
Andrew Osayemi Andrew Osayemi

Co-founder of Meet The Adebanjos Productions.

Dated 18/12/2017 11AM | More
Nastassja Lusengo Nastassja Lusengo

Better known as Ms Sugar Plum: The Cake architect , Nastassja Lusengo is the engineer behind the concept bakery, The Indulgent Sugar Plum (TISP). Nastassja is currently featured on Extreme Cake Makers, Channel 4.

Dated 16/12/2017 4PM | More
Stella Opoku-Owusu Stella Opoku-Owusu

Deputy Director, AFFORD, African Foundation For Development is an organisation in Britain, bringing together Africans from different countries and backgrounds to involve Africans abroad more directly in Africa's development.

Dated 14/12/2017 11AM | More
Lisa Nicholas Lisa Nicholas

Lisa is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.

Dated 13/12/2017 11AM | More
Ruth Nyarko and Gideon Obuobi Ruth Nyarko and Gideon Obuobi

RC was founded and established in 2007 by Gideon Obuobi, who is the owner and founder of realmist Constructions LTD (Construction Agency UK Based), realmist Creations and realmist hearts organisation a Charity organisation that support children in need in Africa.

Dated 13/12/2017 9AM | More
Colin Forde Colin Forde

Colin cares full time for his two elderly parents and will be discussing the issue of caring for elderly parents

Dated 12/12/2017 11AM | More
Tolulope Ogunmefun Tolulope Ogunmefun

Tolu is known all over the world by his online social media name Don't Jealous Me. He launched his YouTube channel in 2008 and it has been viewed over 41 million times.

Dated 11/12/2017 11AM | More
Dr Jan Aderholt Dr Jan Aderholt

Dr Jan Aderholt is an International Speaker, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Executive Coach and Connector.

Dated 10/12/2017 7AM | More
Janine and Acacia George Janine and Acacia George

WORK IT OUT ...for Dominica came to light as a result of Hurricane Maria that swept over parts of the caribbean leaving Dominica in complete devastation. The country needs $31m and Sisters Janine and Acacia felt obliged to do something to help raise funds for Dominica to help restore the country back to its true beauty.

Dated 08/12/2017 12PM | More
Alison Knowles Alison Knowles

Alison works with young and old people, helping them to remove limiting beliefs, fears and phobias, and negative emotions

Dated 07/12/2017 9AM | More
Gessie Thompson Gessie Thompson

US based Fibroids and Fertility Coach, Gessie herself battled fibroids for 14 years.

Dated 06/12/2017 11AM | More
Natalie Freeman Natalie Freeman

The Business Mix brings you our monthly Q & A session

Dated 06/12/2017 9AM | More
Stephanie Sounds Stephanie Sounds

Stephanie began singing with Europe’s famous London Community Gospel Choir from the tender age of 9 under the watchful eye of her father Rev Bazil Meade.

Dated 05/12/2017 11AM | More
Autumn Sharif Autumn Sharif

Autumn was firstly introduced to our TV screens as a contestant on the popular reality talent show: ‘The Voice 15.

Dated 05/12/2017 10AM | More
 Anne-Marie Imafidon  MBE Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

Anne-Marie is Head Stemette and co-founder of Stemettes – an award-winning social enterprise inspiring the next generation of females into Science.

Dated 04/12/2017 11AM | More
Paul Garratt Paul Garratt

Paul is a speaker, author and church pioneer. During his 15 years on staff at a thriving Baptist church in Reading, Paul and his wife pioneered a school of ministry and planted a vibrant church congregation.

Dated 03/12/2017 7AM | More
Steve Sinclair, Kevin Ellis and Peter Hinds Steve Sinclair, Kevin Ellis and Peter Hinds

1980's UK soul outfit SA-HA-RA... formerly Sahara), reformed in 2016 and immediately set to work on the long desired 'Love So Fine' LP.

Dated 03/12/2017 5PM | More
 Live Lobby - Shareefa, Camilo and Jonathan Pontes-Betu Live Lobby - Shareefa, Camilo and Jonathan Pontes-Betu

Hype HQ Reality Radio Presents Live Lobby a platform to allow artists to strip down their songs and showcase their raw talent.

Dated 02/12/2017 1PM | More
Live Lobby - Camilo Musse Live Lobby - Camilo Musse

Camilo is an up coming musician, who produce, rapper and engineers for himself and others.

Dated 02/12/2017 1PM | More
Wale Ojo Wale Ojo

Wale started acting at an early age. He became a child star working mainly on drama series and television soaps.

Dated 02/12/2017 4PM | More