In celebration of Director and Producer, Victor Adebodun In celebration of Director and Producer, Victor Adebodun
Meet The Critics host impromptu tribute show in honour of director and producer, Victor Adebodun, who has reportedly passed away

13/04/2018 7PM | FILM | Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe

Meet The Critics host an impromptu tribute show in honour of the director and producer, Victor Adebodun, who reportedly passed away yesterday.

Victor started his career in television and film working for the Soho post production company The Moving Picture Company. He worked on several high profile films such as Harry Potter, Narnia, G.I. Joe, James Bond‘s Skyfall as well as Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus.

He worked both in MPC’s UK and Canadian branches supporting their vast visual effects team.

In late 2011 he, along with acclaimed writer Baby Isako, created the hit online web drama Venus Vs Mars, which went on to get over a million views online and receive several awards, including the Screen Nation Digital award for Best Web Series.

In 2014 they convinced commissioners at the Leading UK satellite provider BSkyB to commission Venus Vs Mars as a 10-part drama for Sky Living. Venus vs Mars went on to air on the 9th April 2015. He directed and produced the short film Bag Ladies, which was accepted in the short film section of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2015, he was asked to speak on a panel at the annual Cannes MIPTV Media Market in a talk named ‘Digital-Friendly Production 101’; he spoke alongside the VP of Global Content for FremantleMedia International and the CCO of New Form Digital.

Victor produced and directed alongside filmmaker Femi Oyeniran, an online panel chat show called Cut The Chat, which provides a platform for the discussion of issues that affect young people. The show has proven really successful, and there is a live format every quarter at the Camden Roundhouse.

Victor also executive produced UK gangster film The Intent and its prequel The Come Up.

From all at Colourful Radio, our deepest condolences to Victor's family.

Copy by Clare Anyiam-Osigwe & Colourful Radio



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In celebration of Director and Producer, Victor Adebodun

Meet The Critics host impromptu tribute show in honour of director and producer, Victor Adebodun, who has reportedly passed away

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