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Pavement2Catwalk presents Sozo - 2C or not 2C
Written and directed by Donald Waugh, the Sozo cast is made up of real survivors of homelessness, mental health, addiction and disability

26/03/2019 7PM | EVENT | Gracie

Venue: Streatham Space Project, Sternhold Avenue, London, SW2 4PA

Dates: Tuesday 26th March – Saturday 30th March

Time: 7:45pm (nightly)

Full Price: £10
Concession: £8

Rising to stardom as one of the original cast members of Bugsy Malone, Grange Hill and Cats, with over 25 years’ experience, Donald Waugh's passion lies firmly in acting and supporting the arts.

Having experienced the extremes of the industry, from celebrity parties to being homeless and on the streets, Donald was inspired to launch his social enterprise Pavement2Catwalk.

Now, Donald has produced Sozo. Sozo ‘2C or not 2C’ is an emotive new play and multimedia production.

The Sozo cast is made up of real survivors of homelessness, mental health, addiction and disability. Through powerful monologues, the production explores and delves into the experiences of these brave survivors and they tell their stories using a mannequin. The musicians are blind or partially sighted, making this production totally inclusive of people who are sometimes invisible or forgotten.

Sozo will take you on a journey with highs and lows, but most importantly will leave you transformed and enlightened to view humanity in a more positive way.

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