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African Nordic Business Conference
Building new business ties between The Nordics and Africa

22/11/2018 10AM | EVENT | Press

Strong growth and digitalisation in Africa, makes it the perfect destination for Nordic firms and organisations looking for dynamic new markets and opportunities. At the same time, promising players in Africa can harness Nordic strengths in technology and sustainability for profitable investments in areas touched by continental mega-trends, such as population growth, urbanisation, and the rise of digital currencies, digital trade and growing infrastructure spending.

On November 22, 2018, Helsinki-based African Nordic Business Platform will bring together players from Africa and the Nordics to discuss and identify sustainable opportunities and high-growth ventures in Africa. African-Nordic Business Conference 2018 will host influential experts as they discuss African and Nordic strengths and mutual business opportunities, share experiences and insights, and explore practical guidelines for success on the ground.

“Africa is positioned to be the epicentre of a range of new enterprises that will generate the kind of strong growth we will see in few other parts of the world. However, Africa is a very diverse continent and it is important for companies to understand the specific markets they are entering,” says Nigerian-born Kingsley Ify, co-founder and CEO of Springboard African Nordic Business Platform.

Themed Sustainability and Access! - The November 2018 conference will feature Nordic companies and organisations already operating in Africa, and companies looking for entry point into Africa, as well as movers and shakers on the African scene. Together they will offer an understanding of sectors ripe for investment, share ideas on how to build sustainable businesses in Africa and review entrepreneurial success stories, provide advice on tapping into new sources of financing and help firms to improve their ground game on the continent.

“Africa is a continent where the role of development aid is fading, making room for growing business development. Moreover, sustainable development will meet the demands of the mega trends visible in Africa: rapid economic growth, urbanisation and population growth. It’s the place to do business, and where business can make a massive difference,” says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Gaia Consulting, a consultancy for sustainable businesses also operating in Africa. Rinne made the comments during ANBC’s introductory event in September 2016.

In addition to providing a roadmap for doing sustainable business in Africa, the event will offer opportunities to develop existing networks, and build on potentially fruitful new partnerships, particularly in Africa. Participants will also gain access to important decision makers in government, the private sector, international organizations, consultants, advisors and the ecosystem builders. 

Colourful Radio is proud to be media partner. 

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