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Levels: Digitising Dancehall - A Wikipedia Intervention
Dancehall and Wikipedia meet in this lively session inviting you to move, converse, appreciate and respond to issues surrounding the documentation and archiving of African heritage and cultures

23/09/2018 12PM | EVENT | Gracie

Dancehall and Wikipedia meet in this lively session inviting you to move, converse, appreciate and respond to issues surrounding the documentation and archiving of African heritage and cultures.

With a full compliment of professionals and scholars in the fields of Dance and Archives, bring your body down to the Africa Centre on Sunday 23rd September to experience the Levels.


12:00 - 1:30PM LEVEL UP : Ashdon Crazy Legz of the Fresh Az Ice crew, shares new moves fresh from yard alongside his own creations in this contemporary Dancehall class.. The soundtrack to the class comes courtesy of Fresh Az Ice secret weapon with riddims to take you back to Harbour View Jamaica Sessions if you don't have a ticket to fly, rope in to this class!!!

2:00 - 3:00PM: DANCE, DOCUMENTATION AND WIKIPEDIA: Wikipedia Trainer and Public Historian Kelly Foster explains why it is vital that people of African heritage edit Wikipedia. An interactive session featuring literary/Dancehall scholar Professor Carolyn Cooper and including a live demonstration of how to edit Wikipedia articles using Professor Cooper's entry as an example. Using Dancehall culture, this session also considers Wikipedia's Eurocentic bias towards text, and how this might be remedied by people of African heritage.

3:30 -4:30PM: AFRICAN RETENTIONS IN THE DANCEHALL: Join Celebrated Choreographer and Dance Scholar H. Patten as he shares and demonstrates new insights on West and East African dance forms' re -emergence in the Dancehall space and the implications of its continued evolution in contemporary culture. He will be joined on stage by Dancer Rashida Crossgell

5:00PM-6:00PM: CALL & RESPONSE: FULL JOY A series of short clips (viewers discretion advised) send out the call and the audience responds. The panel for this session includes guests H. Patten, Lisa Anderson (Black British Art), Professor Carolyn Cooper, Ashdon Crazy Legz and Kelly Foster.



Please be advised that this event will be photographed/filmed. Please let one of our representatives on the day know if you do not wish to be photographed/filmed so that we can advise our crew accordingly.



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