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Shades of Beauty Live 2018
Kicking off the carnival weekend this summer, the inaugural Shades of Beauty Live takes place Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August

24/08/2018 10AM | EVENT | Gracie

Shades of Beauty Live (24th & 25th August) is not just another hair and beauty show, it's a celebration of individual expression.

Founded by sister duo Grace and Christina Adesina, the British born Nigerian entrepreneurs are equally committed to challenging ‘mainstream’ beauty standards whilst promoting the idea that there is no one way to be black - beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes, whether you rock natural hair, weave or a polished head!

The entrepreneurial sisters have several successful businesses together. When they're not flipping properties they're investing in new socially conscious or solution-focused ventures. Over the years both ladies have spent thousands on hair extensions, but after becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of standards and care employed in the industry the sisters put their heads together to launch Fair Hair Care. The company is dedicated to putting transparency and quality at the heart of hair consumerism, challenging manufacturers and stockists who sell low-quality extensions at high prices to raise their standards. Since launching in September 2017, Fair Hair Care has been transforming the industry by setting standards for manufacturers and hair companies who sell extensions globally.

Having spent their formative career years within the corporate sector, the sisters began to immerse themselves in all things (afro) hair and beauty. The narrative and general consensus from black women - particularly concerning the disproportionate lack of ownership within an industry where black women spend millions annually, mirrored the frustration and fatigue felt by the sisters. It became increasingly apparent that despite the efforts of successful pop-up events, there was a demand and need for something on a larger scale catering for black women, but most importantly, by black women. Inspired by the growing number of ambitious black women launching and running hair and beauty brands, many from their kitchen sinks, Grace and Christina decided that they would devote their skills, experience and independent resources to organise a event. In October 2017 they booked the beautiful Royal Horticultural Hall and Shades of Beauty Live was born.

Kicking off the carnival weekend this summer, the sisters have garnered the support of some of the most popular influencers and business women in the hair and beauty world to present the inaugural Shades of Beauty Live event on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August.



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