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La Clave Fest 2018 La Clave Fest 2018
London's favourite Latin festival, celebrating the best Latin music and dance is back, with Colourful Radio as Media Partner

09/06/2018 12PM | EVENT | Press

London's favourite Latin festival, celebrating the best Latin music and dance is back, bigger and better than ever, taking over the stunning venue that is The Scoop, in the river between Tower Bridge and London Bridge, on Saturday 9th June.

From 12 noon till 10pm, international bands from Mexico and Colombia join the UK's plethora of
Latin talent, to take culture lovers on a journey through live Latin Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Boleros, Samba and Latin Hip-Hop, culminating in a full-on Salsa band, followed by London's best Latin DJs spinning latest Latin dancefloor hits.

Headlining will be the big Salsa sound of Elpidio and Su Alegria Latina - a 10 piece orchestra bringing together London's finest musicians from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador - and the Latin-Funk of the Omar Puente Quintet. One of the world's most respected Jazz violinists, charismatic bandleader, and LUKAS winner 2017 for Jazz act, Omar's unique and energetic Jazz Funk is reminiscent of Cuba's legendary Irakere.

From across the Atlantic come Las Hermanas Garcia, the Mexican teenage sensations who, with 1.3 million strikes on their current single and #1 in Spotify's Bolero Pop Playlist, lead Mexico's new Bolero generation. From Colombia we have three brothers of Nazari Sound whose fusion of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Folklore, Salsa & R&B is causing waves on the Latin Hip Hop scene.

Accompanying them will be the UK's finest Latin talent, as chosen by the public in The LUKAS Awards; percussion maestro and bandleader Ernesto Marichales reshapes Venezuelan traditional folk with London electronica to mesmerising results in Telajeta. Mike Kalle leads London's finest Latin Hip Hop outfits to represent the new sound of Latin-London, whilst vocalist and choir master extraordinaire Camilo Menjura performs Latin American folk songs with his Landscapes Of Latin-America (LOL) Choir.

Joining the music (including live Samba drumming) will be Europe's finest Latin dancers, led by the UK's leading Latin dance choreographer Richard Marcel (Strictly, So You Think You Can Dance) including Yanet Fuentes, one of the world's most respected Cuban dancers who has graced our screens (Cuban Fury, You Think you Can Dance) and now a familiar figure on stage with Shakira and many more.

There'll be Latin dance classes throughout the day in the adjacent Hays Galleria, hosted by The Latin Combination, and at The Scoop dance animators will ensure no two feet are standing still. As is customary at La Clave, 10pm will no doubt be met with a groan, and that's when the cowbells and claves appear. What? The party's just beginning! 

Colourful Radio is proud to be media partner to La Clave Festival.



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